December 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  This is Uncle Bub’s favorite time of the year!  So much so, that we like to get started right on December 1st.

For anyone looking for the perfect gift, we have the thing for you – Uncle Bub’s gift tote bags!  These festive holiday bags can be customized to any combination of four sauces or rubs that you like.  The best part is, the tote bag is included free in the price.  That’s not the only way you can save this holiday season.  This month, when you buy $100 worth of gift cards, you get a $25 Uncle Bub’s certificate usable on a purchase made in January or February.

You can pick up these items on Monday, December 4th when you bring the kids by to see Santa!  You heard that right; Santa is coming to BUBS!  He will be here for photo opportunities that evening from 6-8pm.  Kids can visit with Santa and make their holiday wish list and best of all, you will receive a free digital photo to commemorate the occasion.  Don’t forget to check out our holiday catering flyer.  Our catering specialists will help make you make your event a special occasion for you and your guests.

However, with December comes the cold, so we at Uncle Bubs have a couple of things to heat things up.  For starters, this month’s sandwich of the month marks the return of the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.   This is a spicy house battered chicken sandwich that comes served with smoked provolone, dill pickles and topped with our creamy cole slaw.  It is just the thing for those cold winter nights.  Secondly (and this is what really makes it my favorite time of year), December begins one of the hottest promotions or the entire year – the Red Envelope!  Here’s how it works, you make a purchase in December and receive the red envelope.  You keep it sealed and bring it back in January (no peeking).  Hand it to a cashier to see what you have won.  That’s right, every envelope is a winner.  Dollars off your meal, free pork sandwiches, free slabs of ribs or a lb of pork free each month for six next months; there will be plenty of prizes to be had in January.  Maybe you will win one of the four grand prizes, like a free party for 20 guests.  This promotion is while supplies last so make sure to come early and often to maximize your rewards!  Happy Holidays!